Our OEM support structure brings products to life and delivers them directly to the point of sale.  Rely on us to make your concept a reality.


Our in house industrial design support can take your idea and help to begin forming it into a reality.


Concorde has extensive in-house 3D printing capabilities to help get samples into your hands sooner.

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Product Development

Concorde’s engineering team provides full service, research, design, and development support to make your concept a reality. We specialize in delivering premium, high value products for almost any industry.


Our engineers are in constant contact with our domestic and international production facilities to ensure your product meets the high level of quality that you expect. Our Asia based quality office works in parallel with our Plymouth, MN team to ensure that our production facilities are operating to our high standards at all times. Shipments do not leave until our Plymouth office has reviewed outgoing inspection.


We’re constantly working on developing and applying the latest technologies so we can help our customers to be at the cutting edge of their industries.

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Concorde has a wide range of steel and aluminum production capabilities including tube, sheet, casting, and welding.


We are able to produce world class plastic products with our highly competitive tooling rates and large assortment of materials including glass filled nylon, polycarbonate, and rubber.


We have vast experience in designing cutting edge LED assemblies utilizing standard surface mount LEDs and Chip on Board (COB) LEDs.  Additionally, we can also produce halogen and HID Xenon lights.  Our state of the art harness facility is capable of producing automotive quality electrical harnesses to ensure your new light functions flawlessly.

Complex Assemblies

We’re capable of combining some or all of our core manufacturing competencies to produce an item that would have previously required multiple suppliers.  This advantage saves you time, reduces complexity, and helps to keep freight and production times down.

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We offer multiple import freight programs including FOB, CNF, and DDP.  We can customize your program to match your needs.


Our Plymouth based warehouse is capable of handling JIT and 3PL shipments to ensure you have product ready to go whenever you need it.

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