Industrial Design

Concorde offers complete industrial design services for our clients to help bring their ideas to reality. Our design software capabilities include SolidWorks, Adobe products, Autodesk Sketchbook, and more. Hand drawings/sketches and 3D renderings are also offered as a part of this service. Contact us today to inquire about beginning your design project today!


Our product development team is always working to ensure we’re on the cutting edge. This reflects strongly in our designs and applied technologies. We can also assist in developing new technologies brought to us by our customer. Our goal is to ensure your product is ahead of the curve in your industry, giving you the strategic marketplace advantage.


Concorde supports our OEM customers in various ways throughout the design process. They may be looking to us for new product ideas or a collaborative development effort. In either scenario, Concorde’s skilled team of designers bring ideas and concepts bolstering product development strategies.