We Help Guide You to One Solid Design for Manufacturing

Concorde Works to Make Your Product
Development Simple


Supporting You through Every Step of the Product Development Process

We Help Guide You from Multiple Viable Concepts to One Solid Design

Now, you may have viable concepts to compare: How will you narrow it down to the one that will best meet your design intent
and be manufacturable at production volume? We can help. As the new development of your new product — or existing
product re-development — gains consensus, Concorde can show you conceptual 3D/CAD modeling, proof-of-concept models,
3D printed or CNC detailed prototypes. Our main goal is to support you in proving out the chosen design prior to entering
the engineering stage.

We Deliver Full Electrical Design Services for High Volume Potential Products

We can supply you with general PCB footprints, LED assemblies, superior OEM grade wire harnesses, and scaling up to fully
customized electronic systems. We take pride in our diverse knowledge and system integration experience applying digital,
analog, and wireless networking technology. We can provide your project with a wide range of options, using communication
tools from flow charts, Gantt charts, and schematics, to working prototypes, preparing for high volume production.

We Produce Prototypes to Help Validate Your Design

No matter the project, we can produce a representative sample or experimental model to assist you in making a
decision regarding your design. Our prototyping services include: small batch 3D printing, electrical sample
production, sheet metal work, metal or plastic CNC machining, to name a few.