UTV Off-road Mirrors:

Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured by Concorde

The Project:

This vehicle manufacturer was looking for a new side mirror set and center mirror for a new vehicle model the company was releasing.

The Challenge:

Our development team needed to emulate the sleek yet edgy design of the manufacturer’s vehicle while making certain the mirrors were intuitive, durable, able to fold and resist impact damage when contacting limbs, trees, rocks and other tight situations.

The Concorde Solution:

Our designers developed adjustable side mirrors with a break-away feature and a matching center mirror. The UTV mirror set is fully compatible with other UTV accessories. Directly mounted to the ROPs and roll cage, the mirrors integrate with a fully enclosed UTV cab. These mirror assemblies can also be mounted on additional side-by-side models with customized adapters.

Once the customer approved the design, Concorde managed the entire product lifecycle to include engineering, manufacturing, packaging development, and delivery of the end product.

The result?

A modern, versatile mirror product that fits the OEM customer’s unique design language, and is adaptable to other off-road vehicle applications.

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