We Provide Proactive Logistics Support to our Customers

We Are Big on Customer Service. Really Big.

We are Minnesotans, so we are not comfortable boasting. But we should. Because we are good at what we do. And we care a lot,
receiving OEM customer feedback that Concorde’s “customer service wins business.”

First, every one of our employees has the experience and enthusiasm needed in the fast-paced business world in which we are
working. Also, we like to work and find every process efficiency possible, using customer communication tools: electronic data
interchange (EDI) connections, ERP/MRP communications, online portals, and secure digital transfers, to process orders, shipments,
and advanced shipping notices (ASN).

Do we spoil our customers? Sure. But they have come to appreciate and rely on our first-class proactive support through the entire
lifecycle of their product.

A Seamless Logistical Process

Here is how we do it: Once your product has been manufactured, packaged and prepared for shipment, our customer support team will
assist your team’s 3PL (Third Party Logistics). Concorde is experienced in global commerce Incoterms such as: FCA, FOB, EXW,
CNF, DDP, and more.

Concorde’s corporate office is centrally located in Minnesota, USA, near downtown Minneapolis. Our logistics support includes:
warehouse options, staffing options, offering JIT (Just In Time) delivery and 3PL management.