Product Development

Once viable concepts are established through our industrial design services, the next step is to continue with development to narrow down to one solid design. Our customers look to us to support them through the product development process. Continued new development, or redevelopment of an existing product can be supported with conceptual 3D/CAD modeling, proof-of-concept models, and/or detailed prototypes. The main goal is to prove out the chosen design prior to entering the engineering stage. 


Concorde offers full electrical design services including general PCB footprints, LED assemblies, superior OEM grade wire harnesses, and scaling up to fully customized electronic systems. We take pride in our diverse knowledge and system integration experience applying digital, analog, and wireless technology. Concorde provides everything for your project, from flow charts and schematics, to working prototypes, through high volume production.


Concorde offers a variety of prototyping options ranging from 3D printed models, to CNC machined samples. No matter the project, we can produce a representative sample to assist you in validating your design. In most cases we provide working prototype samples for electronic and electrical projects.  Our prototyping services include: small batch 3D printing, electrical sample production, sheet metal work, metal or plastic CNC machining, and more.